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How to apply in Germany

If you want to work and apply in Germany it is advantageous to observe some rules.

Germany has its own rules, when it comes to job applications and interviews. The first step in the application process is to gather the documents required to apply. In Germany, this means that in most cases you will have to include references from you previous employers, copies of school and university diplomas, proof of any training courses, a cover letter and a C.V. A high quality photo, larger than passport size, can be placed on top of your C.V. or on an extra sheet with your contact details.

In Germany it is customary to use a paper or plastic folder (Called "Bewerbungsmappen", see below at the ebay advertisement) to file your documents. Don′t bend your documents. Use a Din-B-4 envelope.

One of the most significant documents in the application process in Germany is the job reference certificate of former employers. It is common practice to receive a certificate from your employer when you leave the company, detailing your tasks and how satisfied your superiors were with your work. Though unusual in other countries, this is crucial to most jobs in Germany. Reference letters in the United States fulfill a similar purpose. In the cover letter use a formal style and stress that your skills and qualifications match those required for the job.

A perfect photo is a must in a serious job application.. Although employers cannot force you to send a photo, you should be aware that including a photo is the norm in Germany. As first impressions are important, it is well worth investing some money in having a professional take your photo. Remember, a friendly smile can go a long way.

To get samples of typical German application for free, please mail us your own application of your home country. We are building a large collection of application letters and CV′s and are very pleased to get some from your country.

Please fill in the form below and send us a sample from your application letter and your CV/resume. We will send you an access link to our samples. It′s for free.

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